Useful links for engineering

Fri Apr 27 2018

This is a short list of useful links for engineers, practitioners, students or researchers. I will keep updating this list.

Stack exchange engineering


Engineering Stack Exchange is a question-and-answer site for professionals and students of engineering. If you are struggling with a problem, make sure you check if someone solved it before you and shared it with the world. If you are looking for challenges, just visit this website and try to answer questions from other engineers.

Live list of earthquakes in Italy


This is an interesting website that gives you the live list of the earthquakes striking in Italy, as measured by the Italian ground motion stations. You can navigate here just for curiosity or to download the most updated data about those earthquakes, including time, magnitude, depth, fault mechanism, etc.

Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER) ground motion database


This is a web-based ground motion database Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER) that includes records from all over the world. It provides tools for searching, selecting, scaling and downloading ground motion data, including acceleration history and response spectra.

ReLUIS: Laboratories University Network of seismic engineering


The Laboratories University Network of seismic engineering (ReLUIS), founded with conventional act signed on 17th of April of 2003, is a interuniversity consortium with the purpose to coordinate the University Laboratories activity of seismic engineering, giving scientific, organizational, technical and financial supports to associated University and promoting their participation to scientific and technological orientated activities in seismic engineering area, accordant with national and international research plans in this area.

Alberto Scorrano

Roberto Gentile Researcher in seismic resilience engineering at University College of London

  • Rob’s Structural Apps - Playground